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The caregiver checks the blod pressure of the old womanSo much has changed in the health care landscape through the years. What has remained constant is the rising demand for quality services and supportive care. Clients and patients never cease to look for more convenient and affordable ways to preserve their health. This is where our agency enters the picture. We are HomeStead Health Services, Inc. serving Maryland for years, even today, we continue to deliver the level of service that has consistently made us the premier chosen provider throughout the state.

HomeStead Health Services, Inc. has a long standing commitment to respond to the health service demands of clients at home and care professionals who seek training. All our staff members are licensed, bonded and insured. We even have veteran health care professionals on-site who provide training and conduct classes for medical technicians and basic care procedures. We may have a diverse staff but our focus is unified – to take care of you!

It is our goal to provide valuable guidance, instruction and support for clients and their family members in:

  • Management of an illness
  • Hospice or Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitative Treatment (Mobility, Self-care Skills, Adjusting to a New Living Environment)
  • Basic Personal Care to Intensive Health Monitoring by a Skilled Nurse
  • Administering Medication
  • CPR

From simple medical procedures or complex nursing services, have faith in an organization that has serve Maryland for years.

HomeStead Health Services, Inc. is ready to receive service requests today. Please call us at 410-497-4237 for your inquiries.

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